suspension training outdoors78

Best Suspension Trainers

suspension training outdoors78

Working out at home without having to spend a lot of money on equipment and weights is definitely possible these days.

What I’m talking about is suspension training, and this workout routine offers a great way to build muscle and either lose or maintain your weight at home without having to spend thousands of dollars on a home gym.

Another reason why I love using the best suspension trainer at home is because it’s really easy to maintain and I can work on different aspects of my fitness such as flexibility and balance, rather than focusing only on strength.

These days, the majority of suspension training equipment is lightweight, portable, and you can use it at your home, the office, and even when you’re on the road so that you don’t have to miss any of your workouts.

There are a surprising number of benefits to suspension training and it’s a really effective way to activate your core along with using your body weight for a wide range of different exercises without having to rely on bulky and expensive equipment.

Just over the past few years, this fitness routine that involves suspension training has really taken off, and it’s it’s easy to see why for how enjoyable and easy it is to get a workout done.

Even at my own personal gym, suspension trainers have started to make an appearance, and there always seems to be a lineup of people waiting to use the different systems.

Thankfully for people that want to work out at home, these can be picked up for quite reasonable prices, and you can use them all over the place as long as you have somewhere to attach it to and enough space to get a workout done.

Bodyweight exercises are a great alternative to lifting heavy weights or visiting the gym on a daily basis, so if you’re looking for a suspension training system then I recommend checking out my following recommendations.

After my recommendations, be sure to check out my buying guide with some helpful tips on choosing the right trainer to use for your fitness goals and preferences.

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With the introduction out of the way, let’s dive into my recommendations!

Best Suspension Training System

TRX Training – GO Suspension Trainer Kit

TRX Training - GO Suspension Trainer Kit

The TRX Training – GO Suspension Trainer Kit is the original suspension training system, and an all-around great choice if you’re looking to start doing some bodyweight workouts at home.

There is an entire website dedicated to efficiently using this kit and TRX is a company that definitely stands behind the quality and durability of their products.

With the TRX Training – GO Suspension Kit you get a number of different pieces of suspension equipment that you can use for working out at home or just about anywhere else.

Along with the large straps that come with two handles as well as foot cradles, you also get a door anchor to use inside and even a nifty suspension anchor that you can use for attaching the straps to a secure point when you’re outdoors,

Instructions are included to give you a better idea of the different workouts and exercises that you can do using this system, and there are also plenty of YouTube videos and other websites dedicated to suspension training that you can check out.

To make everything easier to carry, there is a mesh carrying bag included, so you can quickly stuff everything away and bring it with you wherever you’re going.

Another great feature I like about the TRX Training – GO Suspension Kit is that you can quickly change the positions of the straps depending on the workout you’re doing, which really helps to give you the ability to work out the various muscle groups throughout your body.

Overall, I find that the TRX Training – GO Suspension Training Kit is a versatile and durable piece of equipment and I recommend checking it out if you’re looking to get into suspension training and you want something that you can quickly set up and use just about anywhere you are.

URBNFit Ultimate Bodyweight Trainer

URBNFit Ultimate Bodyweight Trainer

The URBNFit Ultimate Bodyweight Trainer is another great option if you’re looking to start suspension training and you want to pick up a kit that comes with everything you need to get started with bodyweight workouts at home.

Everything comes included with this system so you just need to unpack it, anchor the straps down, and you can start working out right away without having to fumble around with too much equipment or gear.

With this kit you get the professional-quality nylon straps, durable rubber grips, a door anchor, an extension strap to help you do different workouts, a storage bag to make it easier to travel with the strap system, and you even get a practical 30 minute workout guide showing you a variety of different workouts that you can do.

One of the features I like about the straps is that they come with heavy duty clips, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking on you during your exercising, and it’s even possible to detach the foot loops and handles depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish during your workout.

Just like with TRX set that I just mentioned, the URBNFit Ultimate Bodyweight Trainer comes with everything you need to get started with suspension training and I find it to be reasonably priced as well, so I would definitely recommend taking a look at it.

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT is my third and final recommendation if you’re looking for the best suspension trainer to use for working out at home and in other more practical areas rather than just the gym.

I only have three recommendations because despite there being quite a few different options to choose from, the kits that I recommend here today or what I believe to be the best choices for most people looking to start training using these different bodyweight suspension methods.

The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT kit comes with just about everything you need to get started including a pair of 8-foot long industrial suspension straps, door anchors,  and a wall chart for different workouts.

The handles are integrated into the straps along with the attached foot cradles, and there are even adjustment buckles that you can use to quickly adjust the position of the straps depending on the workout you’re doing.

The two door anchor design allows you to quickly adjust the position of the anchor depending on whether or not you’re hoping to take advantage of a traditional, neutral, or even a wide-angle workout position.

Overall, I find that the Lifeline Jungle Gym XT offers great durability and plenty of versatility for taking advantage of a wide range of different workouts and bodyweight exercises, so I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a suspension training system to use at home.

Helpful Buying Guide

What’s a Suspension Trainer?

You might have heard of them before, but maybe you’re not exactly sure what it is.

A suspension trainer is a system of straps, handles, and ropes that you attach to a sturdy point in your home or surroundings.

Once attached, you can use the system for a wide range (more than 300) of different bodyweight exercises where you’re able to focus on working out just about every muscle group in your body without the need for heavy equipment.

One of the reasons why I believe these workouts became so popular is because you can basically set up the suspension training system anywhere you are, as long as you have somewhere to anchor it to that can support your body weight.

The system itself is rather lightweight and extremely portable, so you can toss it into your backpack or the trunk of your car and bring everything with you anywhere that you go.

Suspension Training TRX

Suspension Training TRX is one of the most recognizable and popular brands when it comes to the different trainers available to choose from.

TRX stands for “Total Body Resistance Exercise”, with an obvious focus on using your bodyweight in order to complete your resistance training.

Along with just the dedicated straps and handles, there are also quite a few different accessories that you can pick up if you want to expand the availability of workouts that you can actually do.

Even without heavy equipment or something like a treadmill, you can use these trainers to develop strength and focus on your body fitness, simply be relying on exercises that use your bodyweight only.

It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, a normal weight, or underweight, the resistance that gravity provides is enough to improve your fitness levels and get you stronger once you start using a suspension trainer.

There are a wide variety of different exercises that you can do, and I recommend checking out some websites online if you’re looking for a good routine or some ideas on which exercises you should focus on from the beginning.

How do You Use a Suspension Trainer?

At first, it can seem rather daunting, but the trainers are fairly straightforward to use once you get the hang of it.

It’s important to make sure that you have a good grip on the handles, to avoid slipping and falling over during your workout, and you always want to make sure that your body is kept firm and rigid, focusing on your core to keep yourself up right and in a comfortable position.

Since it’s the handles that you’re going to have to rely on to hold your body weight, I recommend doing some grip exercises or developing some upper body muscles at the gym before using the system if you’re not able to support yourself fully.

The Benefits of Suspension Training

There are a surprising number of suspension training benefits, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular among people looking to improve or maintain their fitness levels.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • The system offers a great workout for your core muscles
  • Easy to use whether you’re a beginner fitness enthusiast or an expert
  • Improvements with both muscular and cardiovascular development
  • You can target specific areas and muscle groups depending on what you’re looking to achieve
  • Quick gains, easy to setup and get a workout in anywhere you are

One of the main benefits of this type of training is the impact that body weight workouts have on the development of your core muscle groups.

Your core is what helps to keep you upright and stable on your feet, as well as during any exercises you’re doing, so it’s a good idea to always be working on strengthening your core regardless of the routine that you’re following.

Having a strong core has a beneficial impact on the rest of your body, with positive improvements seen in things like lower back pain and posture.

Another benefit is that using a suspension trainer is really easy, even for beginners, but it also provides a suitable workout for intermediate and professional fitness enthusiasts.

Since you can position your body in so many different ways, and with so many different workouts available to choose from, there is really something for everybody regardless of what your fitness goals happen to be.

The last thing I want to mention when it comes to the benefits, is that the different suspension systems make it easy for you to target specific muscle groups and areas of your body that you want to work on.

You can choose to focus on your core, shoulders, legs, upper body, lower body, or anywhere that you want to improve on.

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